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SAMLAND (Drama/Latino) A desperate immigrant accepts a marriage of convenience from an unscrupulous drug dealer and family friend to a young woman running from her past, blinded by her addiction. Together, they search for the “American Dream” that seems to allude them as they travel down a dangerous path filled with deception and death, as they seek the truth about who they are and how they fit into America’s distorted landscape.

RALLY CAPS (Family/Drama) Inspired by true events, a youth baseball player has his dreams of pitching for a Little League travel team derailed by a devastating injury on the field. After a long recovery process, he goes off to sleepaway camp where he befriends a deaf catcher who helps him overcome his fear of returning to the mound. The two lead their team in the camp championship game against their rival cabin.

Principal Photography



TOY HOUSE (Feature Film)

A burned-out detective gets a chance for redemption when he takes on a bizarre homicide case involving the massacre of a little girl’s foster parents.

In Development

THE MAIDS OF HAVANA (Feature Film/Series)

Based on Pedro Pérez-Sarduy novel The Maids of Havana, the series focuses on an unschooled Afro-Cuban maid who writes about the two worlds of wealthy whites and the poor black women in their service before and after the Cuban Revolution.

SLEEPER (Narrative Series)

Inspired by the direct action made by conservation groups, Riley, a top-level field agent based in Jakarta, Indonesia, works for an underground intelligence agency whose sole mission is to protect the world from the most dangerous and powerful enemies of the environment.