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  • Screenplay – Schedule Breakdown

    • Stripboard

    • Shooting Schedule

    • Breakdown Sheet

    • Cast List

    • Day Out of Days Reports (All Depts)


  • Budget Breakdown

    • Above The Line (ATL) Costs

    • Below The Line (BTL) Costs

    • Post – Production Costs

    • General Expenses 

    • Fringes - Non-Union or Union (WGA, SAG/AFTRA, DGA, IATSE, TEAMSTERS), State, and Federal expenses

    • Tax Credit/Refund Estimates

    • Full Contingency Projection

    • Bond Cost

    • Total Financing Costs: Equity, Bank Loans, Bridge, and Cap Funding. 


For the combined Schedule and Budgeting Services, Playworld Pictures provides a special discounted rate. This package includes the preparation of two drafts for the schedule and budget. In addition, we offer 10 hours of consulting services to support your project's planning and execution further.


  • Slate or Feature Film One-Sheet

A one-sheet serves as a concise and focused single-page document that effectively presents a particular feature film or a collection of feature films (Slate). It can be likened to a snapshot of a pitch deck or business plan, providing the most pertinent and valuable information tailored to a specific target audience.


  • Assumptions - Comp Analysis

The report adds a world-wide analysis, which breaks down revenue for major territories and estimates the pre-sale value of the film, and cashflow.

  • Business Plan

A business plan is a targeted document that proficiently showcases your feature film or a slate of feature films. It encompasses essential elements such as company information, a business summary, strategy, key deal points, logline, synopsis, source and uses of funds, team bios, cast wish list, business structure, and tax credit information. This comprehensive plan provides stakeholders and potential investors with a clear and concise overview of your film project(s). In addition, we offer 10 hours of consulting services to support your project's planning and execution further.

Playworld Pictures, established in 2010 by Award Winning filmmaker William Garcia, is a comprehensive film and media production company. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, the company offers a wide array of services encompassing development, financing, pre-production, production, and post-production.


The fees for Creative Producer services are customized and subject to negotiation, usually based on a percentage of the producer's package and the film's backend. The fees for Line Producer services are estimated based on industry standards, considering factors such as the duration and scope of the service. To discuss the specific costs associated with producing services, please get in touch with us for further information and consultation.




As a Post-Production Supervisor, the services involve:


  • Working closely with the editor.

  • Supervising sound editor.

  • Supervising and Scheduling ADR 

  • Oversee the transfer of assets to each appropriate department. 

  • Overseeing VFX pipeline with VFX House

  • Working with the accounting department

  • Deliverables


We ensure that each post-production process stage is delivered punctually and within the allocated budget. By coordinating with the team, we create a smooth workflow and timely completion of the project, maintaining quality standards and cost efficiency. Please contact us for rate. 




Entertainment Partners Movie Magic Software, widely recognized as the industry standard, is utilized for managing schedules and budgets. Assumptions are conveniently delivered in PDF and Excel formats for ease of use. Business plans are provided through Canva, a platform facilitating professional and visually appealing presentations. 


Production Services

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